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Study of Air Purifiers and its Effects on Allergy Sufferers

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Early in 2004, Daikin decided to undertake research into usage and effects of its air purifier, assigning it to Paris based allergist. Dr Haddad.


A Study of Daikin Air Purifier Usage
and its Effects on Respiratory Allergy Sufferers

The research was carried out between June and December 2004 on 69 of the doctor’s patients who were allergic to pollen and indoor allergens or suffered from asthma or rhinitis.

Dr Haddad presented his findings to a conference held on 11th March during the ”Life2 – Health & Better Living Fair”, at the Brussels Expo, 11th – 13th March. He felt that “the air purifier appeared to offer a simple and reliable method of acting upon the root causes of allergic crises” and decided to confirm this by choosing volunteers from within his own practice. After profiling, participants were issued with questionnaires designed to monitor the air purifier’s effect on their daily lives. After just over 3 months’ regular usage of the air purifier, patients were asked to report on any beneficial changes to their every day lives. Their responses were overwhelmingly positive as follows.


“The air purifier brings comfort to my respiratory passages and my sneezing has decreased.”

“The air in my home has improved – I sleep better, my nose is less stuffy and my eyes less irritated.”

“I breathe better and so does my daughter – the air is more pure.”   



Daikin Air PurifiersIn short, the Daikin air purifier had provided patients with an added feeling of well being. The remote control was much appreciated, making regulation of the unit quick and easy. Filter changing was also easy and the lightweight unit scored for its inter room portability. Dr Haddad concluded “an allergy is not an illness but a condition linked to an antibody defect.

Allergies are caused by several factors and when a patient’s allergic threshold is reached, a reaction sets in. The air purifier helps to raise the patient’s allergy threshold and has an important place within the treatment strategy. It acts on the root of the problem and contrary to my earlier belief, is a prerequisite of rather than a complement to, medical treatment.

“I noticed that some patients used the unit only when they were at home. Although effective, it would have been more so if used on a 24 hour/day basis. The longer the air is purified, the less impure it becomes – a fact that I ascertained in my own office. It seems that the air purifier is allergists’ answer to ongoing research into ways of acting on the environment.” 

Daikin develops, manufactures and markets top of the range air purifiers, selling more than 300,000 units in Japan during 2004. Designed for use in areas of up to 48mē, it removes pollen, acaria and animal hairs, eliminates smells and the negative ions it generates act like true air vitamins. The photocatalytic filter at the heart of the unit eliminates 99.99% of mould spores and bacteria and deactivates viruses. 



Source: Daikin Europe N.V.


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